Words only have the power that you give them . That being said anything you put out with a clear intention sets the wheels of Magick in motion and for this you must take heed.
As you grow in your craft you will learn to make your own spells and incantations that best suit who you are and where you go on your own personal path. I have written down spells I have crafted and allow you to use them as you will.

For Money and Abundance

*For luck past gone
I ask and say
To bring it forth,
Now don't delay.

For Love 

For Self Healing

*Bring love to me and set me free,
Heal all within
So I may begin
To rebuild my soul
From deep within.

*For all the Strife which has come my way,
I ask you now to ebb away.

* The block you find
remove from my mind.
Take heed my needs
thoughts intertwined.
Clear my voice
to balance my soul.
Heal all strife
that has taken it's toll.
All strife which has blocked my way
ebb fast and far forever away.

*Balance all today
for no longer you shall stay
imbalanced and impure
all strife cured

*  Embark on the Journey of the Fear and Unknown.
       Step out to the Darkness to be Blessed for You've come home.
       Your Soul has been calling and is now to loud to be silenced.
       Take your love and light and embrace the guidance.

For Birthday Wishes

* Birthday Blessings of Baubles and Things
And all of the Magick coming to Earth on this day brings.
Light and Darkness together the same.
To bring a New Years Wisdom and Magickal gains.

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