How to become a young Witch

This will be a place of safety and the truth. I have yet to find any How to's of sorts to help young Witches develop properly. Especially anything that does not try to make you a Witch through lies and "Hollywood" garbage. 

There is Magick in everyone, some will choose to tap into their Magick , others will not. Has always been that way and always will. If you truly believe in the Magick inside of you, do not let anyone tell you that their isn't.

What you first need to know, is that there is no right or wrong way to be a Witch or inherently Magickal. You do not need to be part of a coven, or practice religiously special days and holidays ( Sabbaths, Solistices, Equinox. you do not need alters or hoards of Magickal goods. You only need what feels right for you .  There is no right or wrong way, there is only YOUR WAY.

Through this page , updated as fit you will learn some history , spell casting , own truths, and basically anything else so inclined to gift upon you .

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